'Extreme' 4X4 Propshafts

We currently stock O.E. propshafts for many 4x4 models, but we are proud to have also spent time developing our own "Extreme" range.

For the majority of 4x4 vehicles we can offer an up-graded propshaft option, whether you need greater angle, longer splines or larger torque capacity (which may give increased potential life-expectancy).

Our designs offer the following improvements:

  1. Higher torque capacity than standard original equipment units
  2. Up-graded involute spline configuration
  3. Double seal on slip joint assembly prevents moisture and dirt ingression
  4. RILSAN coated splines for smoother operation
  5. Extended spline assembly
  6. Metal dust covers on universal joint bearing caps (prevents water ingress)
  7. Wide angle operation up to 30° available
  8. 40° extra wide angle operation also available
  9. For U.K registered vehicles propshafts can be identified by vehicle registration number, and for non-U.K. registered vehicles we require the chassis number (VIN number)*

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Extreme Double Cardan

Extreme Wide Angle

Below you will find our Extreme Shaft questionnaire sheet which lists the required information in order for us to offer a quotation. Feel free to fill in and send to us sales@baileymorris.co.uk

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New 'Extreme II' Propshaft

Brand new to our "Extreme" range is the "Extreme II" propshaft! This propshaft has been designed for Land Rover's with Puma Engines and is up-rated even further to take the strain of off-roading.

The highlights include:

  • Larger Torque Capacity
  • Uprated Universal Joints
  • Increased Deflection (up to 35°)
  • Triple Seal Arrangement
  • Longer, Rilsan coated spline assembly
  • Double seal arrangement on splines

For more information  get in touch  with our sales team!

*Any goods supplied, which have been identified by vehicle registration or chassis number, cannot be guaranteed to be correct if the vehicle has been modified from the original specification.

Land Rover Images courtesy of Alan Coutts